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Release Update 2/8/16

Posted by Becky P on Feb 8, 2016 2:30:10 PM

Now Available in Project Foundry 

  • Content Target Prompt Color Coding
    Teachers and students now see color coded content target completion progress when planning learning experiences. Green represents target goals that are earned, red is remaining, and yellow is in progress ... exactly what you'd see on the student's Performance page.LT_Prompt_Color_Code.png
  • Time Range and Group Selection Carries Thru
    If a time range is selected, whether one of our default ranges or a custom range defined by the teacher,  or a specific advisory group is selected, these selections will carry over to other relevant pages, streamlining your workflow in the platform.  
  • Ordered Proficiency Levels
    When you set up your proficieny levels to be used on your evaluation, you aligned grade points to each. These levels now order according to respective grade points on the Performance page.
  • Auto Refresh with New Work
    When a new task, time log or message is added for a stuent, the advisor will automatically see the student's profile updated. 

  • Invested time to prevent another slowdown
    We apologize for the slow speeds some of you experienced last week. We were reading lots of extra data every time a user was read from the database. We removed a flag that caused the database to go through every single time log for each student.

Some Gremlins We've Locked Away:

  • When managing learning plans for a student, advisors can search for a specific student and now see only those plans the student is assigned to.
  • When viewing learning plans for all students, advisors can now simply hit the 'Search' button
  • Advisors can once again edit an experience's plan. Sorry about that!

Stay Tuned: Coming in PF6

We've been listening closely to the feedback provided by those using the PF6 Advisor BETA.  A bundle of refinements will be released soon, to improve our users' workflows and the usuability of the platform:

  • Streamlined Portrait Transcript
  • Streamlined Summary Transcript
  • Student PF 6 User Interface BETA
  • Advisor PF 6 Odds and Ends

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