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Release Update 5/9/16

Posted by Becky P on May 9, 2016 3:43:02 PM

Now Available in Project Foundry 

  • Aggregated Credit Spreadsheets
    Four spreadsheet exports that use the student's default learning plan to calculate credits earned and those remaining in relation to the set learning goals. Each of the spreadsheets (Credit Goals, Earned Credits, Remaining Credits, and a Subject Summary) will generate credit progress, showing respecitve subjects, subject groups, as well as any overflow/choice goals.
  • Levels Now Show on Performance: Content Target View
    Users are now quickly able to discern the level a content target was demonstrated, without having to navigate to the experience's evaluation.

  • Experience Work: Overview
    Each learning experience now has an overview tab, summarizing recent activity involving tasks, time logs, and evidence submission. This will make it easier for students and advisors to find and focus in on recent work.

Stay Tuned: Coming in PF6

We've been listening closely to the feedback provided by those using the PF6 Advisor BETA.  A bundle of refinements will be released soon, to improve our users' workflows and the usuability of the platform:

  • Streamlined Portrait Transcript
  • Streamlined Summary Transcript
  • PF 6: Ability to Add Results
  • Advisor: Remember the selected student and or group from section to section
  • Student PF 6 User Interface BETA Improvements
  • Advisor PF 6 Odds and Ends

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