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Tip of the Month: Check off annual logistics

Posted by Becky P on Aug 3, 2016 3:33:57 PM

Tip of the Month

State fairs are open and shopping is in full swing... a new school year is upon us! As your program gets organized for the new school year, be sure your Admin user takes care of these annual logistical details in Project Foundry.

  1. Deactivate users no longer at your school
  2. Add new users—students, teachers, mentors and other staff 
  3. Update advisories and other groups so your teachers, mentors, and parents can see respective students' work and progress
  4. Add new terms so new learning experiences appear accordingly on reports and transcripts
  5. Assign applicable learning plans to your students

You may want to discuss among your staff some changes to your forms within Project Foundry. We have a page in the Project Foundry Support Center that demonstrates the various types of prompts available to you. Simply changing the way you collect a piece of information can be exteremly effective. We also have a support page aimed at providing ideas of how you could refine your experience plans and take a peek at what others have done to make theirs unique.

You may als0 be looking at changes to your learning target set. If you are, be sure to check out how to make these changes without affecting existing data; also, take a look at other example learning target sets (including Common Core). All of these details are within the Managing Content Targets section of the Project Foundry Support Center. 

Of course, don't let logistics get in the way of doing great things, so email and call as needed— we're here to help! 

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